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terraced-house en orihuela-costa · la-zenia 159900€

Ref. URE3140

Exclusive properties
Terraced house
Orihuela Costa
La Zenia
terraced-house en orihuela-costa · agua-marina 335000€

Ref. URE4017

Terraced house
Orihuela Costa
Agua Marina
terraced-house en orihuela-costa · agua-marina 650000€

Ref. URE4016

Terraced house
Orihuela Costa
Agua Marina
apartment en orihuela-costa · agua-marina 189500€

Ref. URE2238

Orihuela Costa
Agua Marina
apartment en orihuela-costa · altos-de-campoamor 129000€

Ref. URE2236

Exclusive properties
Orihuela Costa
Altos de Campoamor
apartment en torrevieja · punta-prima 129900€
Reduced Price

Ref. URE2228

Exclusive properties
Punta prima
apartment en orihuela-costa · altos-de-campoamor 169900€

Ref. URE2227

Exclusive properties
Orihuela Costa
Altos de Campoamor
apartment en torrevieja · la-mata 139000€

Ref. URE3133

Exclusive properties
La Mata
penthouse en orihuela-costa · campoamor 199500€
Reduced Price

Ref. URE2207

Exclusive properties
Orihuela Costa

Highly satisfied buyers and sellers

vincent mestdagvincent mestdag
18:12 20 Dec 21
Grandes profesionales. Honestos, transparentes y eficientes. Ofrecen un trato inmejorable y siempre con una sonrisa en la cara. 100% recomendables.
16:24 15 Dec 21
Joaquín es un gran profesional para vender viviendas, me ayudó a vender unas cuantas propiedades y todo muy correcto. Muchas gracias
Vicente Zamora PeralesVicente Zamora Perales
15:30 14 Dec 21
Agencia inmobiliaria de referencia con excelente trato por parte de Joaquín y Tatiana. Muy profesionales. En todo momento ha habido interés y buena... relació more
Estoy realmente contento con los agentes de venta, sobre todo Joaquín que aparte de ser muy buena persona es un gran vendedor.Conmigo aparte de... hacer una venta ha hecho un amigo.Muchas more
Sonia Belmonte AdsuarSonia Belmonte Adsuar
09:25 08 Nov 21
Es muy difícil encontrar buenos profesionales en este sector. En nuestro caso la experiencia ha sido buenísima. Joaquín y Tatiana nos han tratado de... lujo. Altamente recomendable!!read more
Paddy GlynnPaddy Glynn
14:47 15 Dec 21
Joaquin looked after the sale of my Spanish property in 2019. His approach was really professional and managed my expectations right from the start... and indeed exceeded expectations in the end through a dedication in ensuring we got the our asking price. I would recommend Joaquin’s services to anyone as he conducts his business in a very thorough, honest and humble way.Paddy Glynn Irelandread more
Dariusz PułanikDariusz Pułanik
14:29 07 Dec 21
Joaquin helped me find my dream and beautiful property in Spain. He led the entire transaction and then helped with the formalities. Full... professionalism and the most beautiful real estate. I heartily recommend more
Camilla BirchCamilla Birch
15:48 04 Nov 21
Very professional, extremely service minded, communication and feedback at a very high level, very very likeable and honest people. From day one we... felt in good hands. Absolutely recommendable!read more
Steve HaywardSteve Hayward
10:21 01 Nov 21
Friendly service from a knowledgeable and professional agent
Jane HolbrookJane Holbrook
10:37 20 Jul 21
We especially liked the fact that Joaquin and Tatiana are a husband and wife team with contacts and languages overseas. They are proactive and... dedicated unlike some companies who have sales staff who can’t be bothered with your property (we have been there, done that!). They give over 100% to get your property sold. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as keen and professional sales managers. Just what we wanted to get a great price for our Aguamarina apartment. Well done!read more





(*)”Time average depending on the selling price according to the different areas and possible price negotiations. Average data set based on some of the latest sales made under normal conditions.”

We’re going to sell your house for you

Quickly, easily and without having to worry about a thing. How? By following a simple process that consists of:

1. Preparation

We will value your property free of charge. We will create a professional photographic report. We will advise you on how to sell your home more quickly with home staging.


2. Spreading the word

Your house will be published in the major real estate portals in Europe and Russia Through our collaborative system, your house will be promoted by more than 300 international real estate agencies.

3. Negotiation

We advise you throughout all the legal and financial buying and selling formalities.

Maximum reach

We multiply the chances of selling with our innovative techniques: professional photographic report, major web portals, home staging…

Make as much as possible from your home

We will carry out a free valuation of your home. If you assign your home to us exclusively, we will give you free of charge: the energy efficiency certificate, the second occupancy certificate and the handling of the contracts and the sale.

The most profitable deal

A professional real estate agent with more than 15 years’ experience will negotiate the sale of your house, obtaining a more profitable deal.

We will have people queueing up to buy your house.

Our 10 keys to success.

The keys to the success of our business model:

  • Experience: We have over 15 years’ experience in real estate.
  • Technology: We use the most efficient real estate software.
  • Marketing: We use multiple innovative marketing techniques.
  • Professionalism: Experts in appraisal, home stagers, and a real estate photographer.
  • Networking: We collaborate with more than 300 real estate agencies.
  • Communication: We work, communicate and negotiate in several languages.
  • Treatment: We offer a totally personalised treatment, tailor-made for the customer.
  • Passion: Our passion for what we do drives us to achieve excellence.
Why choose United Real Estate?

Integrity, commitment, professionalism, quality and personalised treatment.

In United Real Estate:

  • We work with state-of-the-art technology (real estate software).
  • We define the consumer target in order to optimise the marketing of your property.
  • We organise home staging sessions.
  • We offer a professional photographic service.
  • We disseminate your home in international markets.
  • We have professionals who can communicate and negotiate with clients in    several languages.
  • We define the communication plan that best suits your home.
  • We make the entire sales process free of care and safe.
  • We filter all the contacts.
  • We arrange visits by potential buyers.
  • We keep you up to date with the sales process.
  • We will negotiate the best conditions for you and we will fight for your interests.
  • We assign agents to you with the experience, discipline and training that you deserve.
  • We specialise in Costa Cálida and Costa Blanca.
Why choose an estate agent?

A real estate agent:

  • Will invest time and money in advertising your home.
  • They will accurately and objectively estimate the value of your property.
  • They will undertake all the negotiations in a partial and objective manner.
  • They will place their real estate knowledge at your disposal.
  • They will provide legal advice to ensure no unforeseen conditions arise after you have signed the earnest money contract, the purchase and sale agreement, a purchase option, etc.
  • They will advise you on all the bureaucratic procedures you need to take into account, from the habitability certificate to the energy efficiency certificate and the cancellation of your mortgage at the Property Registry.
  • They will advise you on all the documents that need to be prepared, for when the time comes to sign the public deed of sale.
Seller's guide.
The following documentation is required for the sale of a second-hand property:

  • Valid identity document: In order to prove your personal identification, you will need to present your National ID card (DNI), passport, or Foreigners’ ID card (NIE).
  • The transferring party’s deed of ownership.

Commonly called a deed of sale, this is the document that contains all the data of the apartment, including the owner of the property.

  • Last paid annual IBI/SUMA receipt (Property Tax or Urban Contribution).

You must present the last receipt for payment of the property tax or the urban contribution, although the Notary may ask the owner of the flat to present the last 5 annual receipts.

  • Community of owners certificate.

Proof that the seller is up to date in the payment of community expenses. This must be signed by the Administrator-Secretary, and it must have been approved by the Chairperson of the community.

  • Ownership of the property and its situation as far as encumbrances are concerned.

This refers to a non-certified extract issued by the Real Estate Registry. It will identify who the current owners of the property are. It will also include any rights that may have been established to the property such as usufruct, use, lease, etc. or any possible encumbrances such as mortgage, embargoes, outstanding tax exposures, easements, etc.

  • Certificate of the outstanding mortgage debt.

f the property is encumbered with a mortgage, the seller must submit the last 3 receipts for payment of the loan and, on the day the public deed of sale is signed before a Notary, a certificate of the outstanding mortgage debt or the mortgage cancellation deed if the mortgage has already been cancelled economically but has not yet been registered in the Property Register.
Energy efficiency certificate.

The owner is obliged to submit the official energy efficiency certificate which includes objective information on a property’s energy characteristics. If you wish, we can look after this paperwork for you.

  • If you wish, we can look after this paperwork for you.

The energy efficiency certificate is an official document that includes objective information on a property’s energy characteristics. It is calculated by measuring the annual consumption of the energy that is consumed to meet a building’s energy demand under normal conditions of occupation and operation. This takes into account the production of domestic hot water, heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation.<

  • Who is required to have such a certificate?

According to Royal Decree 235/2013, of 5 April, as of 1 June 2013, with only a few exceptions, the owner of a property is required to submit this certificate when he or she is selling or renting their property.

  • What classification can a property have?

The energy efficiency of a property is measured on a scale that runs from A, the rating granted to the most efficient buildings, to G, the rating granted to less efficient properties.

  • Valid habitability certificate
  • A document that demonstrates that the property meets the minimum requirements of habitability for human beings, according to criteria relating to salubrity, hygiene, and structural soundness.

    Community of owners statutes.

    Community rules that regulate, among other aspects, the use and destination of the building, the administration of the community, how the community’s expenses are distributed among the neighbours, agreements as to repairs and renovations of the building, etc.

    •  Latest receipts for the property’s supplies: In order to facilitate the changeover of the property’s supplies to the future buyer it is advisable to submit a copy of the water, electricity and gas bills, etc.
    • Property blueprint. If the holder of the floor has the blueprint of the property, it is advisable to provide a copy of the layout of the dwelling for easy viewing and for any possible work that the new owner may wish to schedule.
    •  Keys. When the public deed of sale is signed, the keys to the property must be handed over to the future buyer.
    Mission, vision and values


    Who we are.

    We are a company that provides real estate services specialising in the sale of homes on the coast to international clients of various nationalities.

    How do we work?

    We work in accordance with principles of maximum ethics, quality and transparency; we offer real estate services that are completely adapted to and tailor-made for each client, designed to improve their quality of life and to maximize the value of their investments.

    Why do we do it?

    Our passion and expertise drive us to pursue excellence and efficiency.


    What image do we want our business to have?

    We want to be a company that is known for its reliability, professionalism and integrity.

    What we will do in the future?

    Maximize the benefits of our customers exceeding their expectations.

    What will we be in the future?

    We will be a benchmark in the real estate market.


    Integrity: Transparency, honesty and respect.

    Professionalism: Experience, continuous training, confidence and discipline.

    Commitment: We value and look after people, acting according to agreed commitments.

    Quality: We work in pursuit of excellence.


    You are in the hands of professionals with more than 15 years’ experience in real estate.

    We put sellers in contact with buyers.

    We understand how important it is for you to sell your home,
    that’s why we are so committed
    and that’s why all our clients put their trust in us again by recommending us.