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Air conditioning
Banking entity
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Communitary pool
Private pool
First line
Armored Door

New Build



apartment en torrevieja · torre-la-mata 151500€

Ref. URE2050

Exclusive properties
Torre la mata
duplex-penthouse en orihuela-costa · lomas-de-cabo-roig 179000€

Ref. URE2268

Duplex Penthouse
Orihuela Costa
Lomas de Cabo Roig
apartment en guardamar-del-segura · centro 139000€

Ref. URE2267

Guardamar del Segura
apartment en pilar-de-la-horadada · el-mojon 359000€

Ref. URE3151

Exclusive properties
Pilar de la Horadada
El Mojón
apartment en orihuela-costa · campoamor 230000€

Ref. URE2264

Orihuela Costa
single-family-house en orihuela-costa · las-filipinas 155000€

Ref. URE2262

Exclusive properties
Single family house
Orihuela Costa
Las Filipinas
apartment en orihuela-costa · las-filipinas 83000€

Ref. URE2258

Exclusive properties
Orihuela Costa
Las Filipinas
penthouse en orihuela-costa · lomas-de-cabo-roig 135000€
Reduced Price

Ref. URE2248

Orihuela Costa
Lomas de Cabo Roig
duplex en orihuela-costa · agua-marina 309000€

Ref. URE3127

Orihuela Costa
Agua Marina

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We offer a professional service with more than 15 years’ experience in the sector.


We are the real estate boutique where you can find the house you need at a competitive price.

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Buyer's guide

Inquiries before you buy

A real estate agent can save you a lot of the time and money you need to put into visits, arrangements, checks, etc.

In addition, if you consult a Real Estate Agency located in the area you are searching for a property in, you’ll find they will be able to provide you with valuable information on market prices and most likely they will have a wide range of properties available.

Before you buy

Buying a property is one of the most important decisions we make in our lifetime, which is why it’s advisable to check everything out before you put your money down, and to weigh up and consider all the factors that influence your decision.

The Town Hall

Visit the Town Hall to make sure the house is up-to-date with the payment of the Urban Contribution or “IBI” (Property Tax). The owner of the property is responsible for paying the property tax. At the Town Hall, you can also check the urban planning situation of the property by consulting the current urban development plans and any future plans, thereby finding out whether the house is located in an area that will be affected by alterations and changes (green areas, amenities, road changes, expropriation, reorganisation of plots of land, etc.)

The Property Registry

Visit the Property Registry to identify data on the ownership of the property and any possible encumbrances. This information can be obtained by asking for a non-certified extract of the property. That way we can find out who currently owns the property. The extract will also include any rights that may have been established on the property such as usufruct, use, lease, etc. or any possible encumbrances. Among the main encumbrances we may find mortgages, embargoes, outstanding tax exposures, easements, etc.

To correctly interpret such an extract, you are advised to consult a professional (a real estate agent, a lawyer, a notary, etc.).

Community of Owners

You should go to see the estate administrator or alternatively the president of the community to request a certificate attesting that the property is up to date with all ordinary and extraordinary payments to the community. This person may also provide you with information concerning any work that is scheduled to begin in the building, both work that has already been approved and work that is pending approval.

Expenses generated during the purchase and sale process

The expenses that are generated in a sale of a property are paid by the buyer, except the payment of the municipal capital gains tax which is paid by the seller. These are:

These are:

VAT (Value Added Tax) and “AJD” (Tax on Documented Legal Deeds or Stamp Tax) on new homes.

“ITP” (Property Transfer Tax) in the case of second-hand properties and “AJD” (Tax on Documented Legal Deeds or Stamp Tax) if you require a mortgage.


Notary expenses that are generated for the granting of the public deed of sale and for the mortgage (if there is one).


Fees generated by the registration of the deed of sale and the mortgage (if there is one) in the corresponding Property Registry.


Expenses generated while looking after all the necessary paperwork until the deed of sale and the mortgage (if there is one) is registered at the Property Registry.

Municipal Capital Gains tax:

Municipal Capital Gains is the municipal tax on the increase in the value of urban land.


Documentation required to apply for a mortgage:

The documentation that credit entities require to analyse a mortgage loan application may differ from one bank to another, although generally speaking, the following documentation is valid for most of them.

Owners and guarantors:

National ID card (DNI) or Foreigner’s ID card (NIE).

Up-to-date employment record.

Copy of your bank account movements over the past 6 months.

Documents of the property:

Deed of sale.

Paid receipt of the contribution from the current year (IBI or SUMA – Property Tax or Urban Contribution).

Earnest money or sale contract.


3 latest payslips.

A contract of employment.

Other income.

Self-employed persons Registration of the tax license.

4 latest quarterly income tax returns.

4 latest quarterly VAT returns.

Other income.


C.I.F. (Tax ID code)

Deed of Incorporation, capital increase, other modifications.

Deed of Powers of Attorney.

Internal Balance Sheet.

Balance Sheet from the Mercantile Registry.

Company Income Tax.

VAT returns.

ID Cards (DNI) of the partners or administrators.

Usually, references from a number of suppliers/ customers.

Details of banking institutions you work with.

Last current loan receipts.

Criteria for the granting of a mortgage.

When granting a mortgage loan, banks take different factors into account. These include:

Concerning the property: the value of the sale, the appraisal amount, intended use, type of dwelling, etc. Personal data of the owners: age, marital status, etc.

The economic stability of the owners and guarantors: type of employment contract (salaried, self-employed, civil servant, etc.), income, employment history, pre-existing debts, available warranties, assets, etc.

Level of indebtedness: the indebtedness, i.e., the customer’s repayment capacity. Banks are currently granting mortgages to clients whose mortgage payments do not exceed 30-35% of their net income.

How much money will the bank lend me?

Banks tend to grant up to 80% of the appraisal value or the purchase price. However, this percentage may vary depending on the client’s profile or that of the bank they are dealing with.

On the one hand, the profile of the buyer plays an important role insofar as the amount of money granted is concerned. On the other hand, there are no set rules on the subject, which means that each bank, depending on the circumstances, the timing, their objectives and other factors, may increase or decrease the percentage of the amount they grant.

Our job is to know exactly, at any given time, the market situation and the offers that are available, so that we can offer the best conditions to our customers.

Happy buyers

Our thanks to the team at United Real Estate. Their help and advice and the confidence their professionals transmitted to us, made the purchase process very easy for us in every aspect. We were very satisfied.

Alba y Antonio

We are Dutch and this is the second flat we have bought and the second time we have placed our trust in United Real Estate. They solved lots of problems for us and we feel we can really trust them. It’s a pleasure to do business with them.

Anna Marjolein

I had set my heart on a house and I was lucky enough to be the first one to find out that they had lowered the price. Thanks to United Real Estate and their mobile app!!

Jose Antonio López

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